Kinderhaus Luise Winnacker e.V. – English

For more than 25 years Kinderhaus Luise Winnacker e.V. has been an active supporter of children in need, and has already been awarded with numerous prizes for its humanitarian work. Every week we take care of about 120 children and teenager, between 6-16 years old.

The Kinderhaus is an extra-curricular learning center which supports numerous “troubled schools”  in various ways. We emphasize hands on learning experiences to directly influence and enhance social and live skills.

Set in a beautiful environment we also focus on outdoor activities and first hand experience of nature for the positive influence it has on children.

Founded in 1995 by Lieselotte Winnacker-Spitzl, an exceptional pedagogue and teacher the project is based on two main intentions.  On the one hand it is supporting socially deprived children while at the same time offering a practical “teacher training” for student teachers. The combination of both is a nationwide unique feature until present.

 „Living together – in our new home country” – a project for refugee children.

Due to the highly increased refugee influx in 2015 we have included refugee children in our target group, and we have started the above project.
The project offers lots of opportunities for the children to reduce traumatic experiences while spending time in the exeptional setting of our house. They can play in our beautiful outdoor evironment, lark about and jump around in our gymnastic hall. There is plenty of time to learn German. As a special treat the children have the opportunity to learn how to cook with our wonderful chef from Marrokko. Every day two or three of them will help to prepare a healthy lunch meal for the whole group.

Important principles of the Kinderhaus:

  • First and foremost to show highest appreciation for every child and its unique potential
  • Learning to take personal responsibility for oneself and for the society
  • Assisting with all chores, housework and outdoor assignments
  • Proactivity instead of complains and blaming
  • Face to face instead of facebook
  • Cooperation and networking with experts

Donations are important and highly appreciated, since the Kinderhaus is an independent non-profit, financed by charitable contributions.  A big part of our expenses are the fees for the student teachers participating in our “teacher training”. While striving to become better teachers they are in charge of the small groups, and important contact persons and persons of trust for the children.

All donations are tax deductible in Germany. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.